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During the Covid 19 shutdown, we began live streaming our service on our Youtube channel.
Join us on our YouTube channel each Saturday for our service at 11.30am.




The Power of Faithful Grandparents

Grandparents have a huge role to play in passing on faith to their grandchildren. Explore practical, insightful and easy-to-follow guide to grandparent for eternity.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt


40 Ways Your Family Can Serve Your World

Recent research has now discovered that there is a strong correlation between families being involved in service and the spiritual growth of children. Explore simple, practical ways your whole family can engage in serving your community. 

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt


The Power of Mentoring Children

There is no greater single factor in a young person’s Christian growth than having a few good mentors. Discover the power of mentoring and simple, practical steps to mentor children your church and local community.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt


The Family Altar

The research is in and it is not pretty. Families are busier and fractured like never before. Explore research and practical insights into how the family altar can make a positive, life-changing difference in your home.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt


The Power of Story

“Stories capture the imagination, grab our attention and help to communicate the message.” Discover what research says about the power of stories, practical tips on how to tell great stories and recommendations for great books to start with.

Authored by Pr Daron Pratt


Bible Marking Studies

The Bible marking series is also an evangelistic series of Bible studies or sermons that have been used to people for many years. The good news is that you don’t have to be a pastor to give a Bible study — anyone can do it. It’s just helpful if you’re a believer and are able to read.

1-3 MacLeay St Turner ACT 2612

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