International Student Ministries - Choir

Canberra National attracts students from all over the world who come to study ant the Canberra Universities.

We run an active ministry for our International Students, providing them with support when they first arrive in Australia, regular lunches together, an International Students choir which provides music to the local church community and other churches in the vicinity.

For further information please contact  Mele Penfound at

Health Ministries

Canberra National’s Health and Wellness team delights in sharing the principles of good health and promotes God’s desire for you to have an abundant life. Our object is to inform our members and the community around us on how to improve their health through our compassionate service. The members of the Health and Wellness Team are passionate about sharing the gospel in health; they are guided by evidence-based research and practices, God’s Word and the Spirit of Prophecy.

The Health and Wellness Team’s program for 2018 is extensive and targets physical, mental, social and spiritual needs. We run Vibrant Food Parties once a quarter on a Sunday evening, where talks, food demonstrations and delicious meals are provided. These ever popular evenings allow families and friends to gather in a festive atmosphere, at the cost of only a donation! The Health and Wellness Team desire is to make all its programs affordable, and as such most are donation based, rather than charging a set fee per attendee.

Beside this ever popular program, we run a host of other programs during the year:
1.Health lectures on Saturday afternoons for the Karen AY programs (all are welcome to attend)
2. Free community health checks at the Road to Bethlehem and other public events in the ACT
3. Depression Recovery (bi-yearly)
4. Cooking Schools (bi-yearly)

Men's Ministry

This is a specific men’s ministry that organises activities for men. Our aim is to connect you to God and others, with a result of life on mission towards God’s purposes. Through seasonal gatherings, healthy small groups, and dynamic serving opportunities that launch faith into action.

Women's Ministry

Our Women’s group aims to welcome women with open arms, connect them to God and others, equip them to live out God’s purpose for their lives, and send them out to share Christ’s love with their communities and the world.

Sabbath School 10am - Church Service 11:30am

1-3 MacLeay St Turner ACT 2612

Senior Pastor - Justin Lawman 0423 682104